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In addition to the sexist and social rivalry in which each one fulfills the imposed function, the relationship between dominator and dominated is established through ideas or intellect, as we develop in later lines. César, the literate and calculating man who dealt with the Indians and with his wife, always seeks to capture profits, disguising his intentions. What traditionally looks like a union

In chapter VIII of the second part, the Indians perform an idolatrous ceremony in the hermitage. The dialogue between César and Zoraida turns into a discussion: –

Are those Indians going to be howling like batzes all day long? … We can’t do anything. These things are, How shall I tell you ?, details. They bother you. But if you accuse them before the authority they would not find a crime. Zoraida raised her eyebrows in exaggerated surprise. Ah, you had thought of resorting to authority! And then sarcastically: It’s the first time. Before you fix your affairs by yourself. Cesar slammed the newspaper to the ground, irritated. You said it: before. But aren’t you seeing how the situation has changed? If the Indians dare to provoke us, it is because they are ready for anything … Zoraida smiled contemptuously. The intention of this smile did not go unnoticed by Caesar. I don’t care what you think. I know what I must do … Zoraida stopped, red with humiliation. Cesar had never allowed himself to speak to her like that … her pride wanted to protest, vindicate itself. But she no longer felt sure of her power in front of this

114 Dolores Albores. “I did know Rosario Castellanos Figueroa”, in Imaginarte a Comitán. Publication on the past, present and future of Comitán and the Chiapas Border Region, year seven, no., 149, (2nd. August 2002), p. 3. It should be noted that this is + the testimony of a woman who knew the Castellanos Figueroa closely, although from Rosario Castellanos’s vision, the father was a man incapable of being condescending and understanding with others, even with his own family of the.

man, and the fear of making a fool of himself inflamed her. (pp. 106-107. Emphasis added).

As we see the vulnerability and subordination of Zoraida does not allow him to react according to her feeling that makes her feel belittled as a wife, on the contrary, she can only repress her impulses, which as we will see in chapter VI of this work, produces frustration. In the same chapter, César humiliates Zoraida by making her perform her domestic activities again. This time she orders it to him in the presence of Gonzalo Utrilla. –

Isn’t there a refreshment we can offer the lord, Zoraida? A glass of ..

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